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On this page I will collect information, tools, and interesting links concerning all topics pertaining to dynamic memory allocation. In particular, this includes anything to do with the functions malloc, realloc, free, etc. in the C programming language as defined by the ISO standard.


New ptmalloc3 release May 31st, 2006!

Here you can download the third version of ptmalloc (C source code), a fast, memory-efficient implementation of malloc for Unix systems. ptmalloc is based on code by Doug Lea and was extended for use with multiple threads (especially on SMP systems).

On Linux systems, ptmalloc has been put to work for years as part of the GNU C library.

Older versions of ptmalloc

New ptmalloc2 release Jun 5th, 2006!

Here you can download the current snapshot of ptmalloc2 (C source code), the second version of ptmalloc based on Doug Lea's malloc-2.7.x. This code has already been included in glibc-2.3.x. In multi-thread Applications, ptmalloc2 is currently slightly more memory-efficient than ptmalloc3.

Here you can download the first version of ptmalloc (C source code), based on Doug Lea's malloc-2.6.x.


ptmalloc/ptmalloc2/ptmalloc3 is free software and can be used without charge (even commercially, please see the conditions in the file COPYRIGHT contained in the source distribution); however, there is no warranty of any kind. Take note that ptmalloc2, as part of the GNU C library, is also available under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (LGPL), as indicated at the top of the individual source files. When using the standalone package, on the other hand, only the conditions spelled out in COPYRIGHT apply.

Contact information

I offer consulting services and support for topics in the context of dynamic memory management (preferably on Unix systems), for example in the following areas:

If you are interested, please write to wg@malloc.de.


Here you can find some small tools that I have written.

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